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Is protein powder DRUGS?

I get a lot of questions every day about protein powder for weight loss. Today I wanted to do an article to tell you why I now take protein powder.

And answer your questions such as what protein powder is used for, is protein powder dangerous for your health and which protein powder to choose when you are a woman.

First of all I must tell you that in this article I am going to talk about the Scitec Nutrition protein.

I’ve tried several flavors and this is my favorite protein powder so far. It mixes very well with water, it doesn’t make weird foam and I like the taste.

In this article I will therefore give you my opinion! This is just mine, and I invite you to make your own either by tasting it directly or by reading other reviews! And then give yours in the comments so that we can enjoy it.


I told you on Facebook, I started taking protein powder just a few months ago. Why ? Simply because I didn’t feel the need or the inclination before.

I lost 15 kilos in 6 months without taking any dietary supplements.

It certainly would have made it easier, but I preferred to play it ‘the old fashioned way’. When we see the preparations of top athletes and girl’s bikinis we clearly see that the supplements are a big help.

Regarding protein powder, is that a drug?

The answer is NO. It is simply dehydrated protein obtained by hydrolysis of milk most often. For me it’s safer to consume protein powder than quick sugar or cola every day. To tell you.

Put simply, whey protein is a way to increase your protein intake throughout the day without having to open a can of tuna in the office. Or to catch the curious glances of disgruntled colleagues when you break 2 hard-boiled eggs on the desk.

And it’s also a way to make a sweet and protein breakfast. For those who cannot have a salty breakfast, it’s very convenient.

What are the other benefits of whey protein?


I started taking protein powder when I intensified my workouts. And especially when I increased my running sessions. As I talk about in the 2nd episode of the #SEMIPARIS series.

Besides, with a busy schedule, I can’t always bring a can of tuna to taste it. I have a lot of business meetings away from home and am often on transport to taste it.

So it’s easier to bring a small shaker. And when it comes to taste, it’s not always easy to want to taste tuna at 4am!

So the protein powder makes my life a bit easier. And with the different I vary quite often.

It’s quick and I like natural flavors like kiwi / banana or coconut.


Whey protein will not make you lose weight. What will make you lose weight is to increase your calorie expenditure with playing sports, for example. Or by eating less. For my part, I prefer to play sports and continue to eat my chocolate every day ?

Greedy one day, always greedy.


The advantage of protein powder exists especially for bodybuilding. By increasing your protein intake you will promote lean mass gain (= muscles). I would rather be toned than fat.

So of course you are not going to have muscles sticking out all over the place with 3 shakes of protein powder. (We recommend athletes https://steroide24.com/shop/peptidpraparate/abnehmen-tabletten) Nor with 10 elsewhere. It’s just a great way to combine sweetness with protein. Instead of sugar and carbohydrates which make the bulges grow and which are super bad for your health.

At first, I understand that you may feel lost with all of these terms: protein, carbohydrates etc. This is exactly why I wrote a complete book to take stock of what causes bulges on the stomach and precisely what removes fat from the thighs and face.

This is what I do and explain everything.

To put it simply: protein powder helps you get a little more protein in a different and more enjoyable form. Because I can tell you that by eating chicken as a snack you will want to change!

What’s also pretty cool is that you can make homemade protein bars using scitec whey protein. Unlike other brands I have tested, it is quite compact when baking and allows you to make cakes and cookies without flour.


Since I managed to get you 15% off the supplements and proteins site, I also take the opportunity to order my cheapest protein powder . And I often change my perfume.

The last one I tested was Coconut. I wanted to vary but after the very good kiwi / banana (which I recommend) it needed a taste to match without too sweet chemical fragrance.

So I took coconut: I’m not disappointed. The scent is very light, not at all sweet, and there are even little coconut shavings. It’s too good in the morning for breakfast. Especially if you want to make your oats better!

You mix a scoop of 100 whey protein professional powder and 2 handfuls of oatmeal with a little water and hop 1 or 2 minutes in the microwave. It’s super good, it makes a delicious little mugcake.

I validate the Coconut taste which is more discreet than Kiwi / Banana. I think it’s going to become the taste I have all the time because not at all disgusting.


On Snapchat ( you can add me via my nickname: mazgaux. It’s my private account, so I share my daily life) many of you send me your tests and your photos of protein breakfast with Scitec whey.

I know several of you have LOVED the kiwi banana taste. So the readers confirm this taste at the same time as me.

On the other hand, for the strawberry and chocolate flavors we will come back: apparently they are good but with a sweet taste that is too chemical. After the tastes and the colors… you know! I haven’t tested them personally so I can’t tell you but I think I would stick with natural flavors like Coconut or Kiwi / Banana.

Another thing: there isn’t really a specific protein powder for women .

It’s mostly a marketing trick to attract the female target. Really, what you need to look at is the composition and the amount of sugar in each serving.

Of course, the best thing is if there is as little sugar as possible. Also, I prefer to take a protein powder like scitec where there aren’t a thousand other products in it. At least I can figure out the makeup and there’s no crappy stuff in it.

Look, I think I’ve covered the matter. This was my test on scitec Coconut Scent Protein Powder.

In the end, it makes my life a lot easier to have a different source of protein. You are free to try it or not. I am not trying to convert you. You know me, I’m just telling you about my diet and the changes I make based on my lifestyle.

And right now it’s easier for me. It is even a certain comfort I would say.

I also take other supplements to prevent injuries and promote recovery and it has changed my workouts quite a bit. I am recovering much better now. Especially with BCAAs.

But we’ll talk about it in another article!

I kiss you and tell you very soon in the comments.


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