Your 12 Favorite Items of 2015

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# 1 Women’s Triathlon Preparation – I’m preparing my first Triathlon

2015 was a year of sporting challenge for me with my first participation in a triathlon. I trained hard for this Chantilly triathlon despite my car accident which wiped out a few months of training…

This accident during my very last training left me with a nasty scar on my left calf that reminds me every day that life must be lived to the fullest.

For this first triathlon I’m happy with the result, my 8th place in the women’s ranking makes me want to go to the next level, but before that I have to take swimming lessons in 2015 ?

Reread the article here to dive into the Triathlon adventure.

# 2 5 sports exercises to do at home to tone your body

An article in which I talk about 5 exercises to do at home without equipment to get back in shape. To read again at the beginning of the year to find the path of physical exercise with pleasure. To go further, also take a look at La Route du Hiit.

# 3 Sugar detox: how to stop refined sugar?

Your favorite video of 2015 by far! With over 21,000 views as of this time. THANK YOU ! I see that sugar is something you keep your eyes on for weight loss.

And then, you noticed my tic de langue, you see… Watch the video to understand ?

# 4 Stop Your Sweet Seizures Are You Making These 6 Mistakes?

To continue the momentum of the video, the article on sugar and sugar crises appealed to you and many of you responded in the comments.

# 5 Women’s bodybuilding diet – All you need to know

Strength training is part of my sports routine so I wanted to tell you about it as usual in simple words so that beginners and non-beginners can navigate. One of the most commented articles of the year.

# 6 The Protein Works vegan almond butter recipe

There were a few product reviews on the blog in 2015 and the delicious almond butter from The Protein Works is one of them. To be enjoyed without moderation (I am talking about the article, not almond butter)

# 7 Who is behind the Blog: the Route de la Forme?

A very personal post to take stock of the blog and all the energy it takes to be a blogger. You liked it a lot and you were surprised to learn that I managed the blog, the YouTube channel, the Facebook page from A to Z on my own.

To read in detail when you have doubts.

# 8 5 fitness gift ideas for athletes

The gift selection for sportswomen that appealed to you the most in 2015.

# 9 4 tips to fight against water retention (fluid retention) and deflate

Water retention is a phenomenon that affects a lot of women (including me unfortunately) on which I wanted to discuss this with you. I have included the best solutions to avoid fluid retention and deflate.

# 10 The 5 Best Healthy Breakfast Recipes

One of your favorite subjects: breakfast. Highlighted in this article, there is something for all tastes with the different versions of gourmet, sporty, vegan breakfasts … Treat yourself!

# 11 Getting in shape: how to train better?

My top tips for training smarter for less time. In sport it’s all about the intensity, not the time you spend your ass on a machine. We talk about it in this article, under which you have commented a lot.

# 12 My Transformation: How I lost 15 kilos – Video before after

A video of my transformation, before and after my weight loss. Over 60,000 of you watched this motivational video. I am the happiest when you send me a message telling me that this video gives you the power to give your best in sport and in the kitchen to get back in shape.

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