Do a dry or lose weight when you are a woman?

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Dry when you’re a woman? What’s the difference between losing weight and losing weight?

On Snapchat (mazgaux), I recently announced that I was going for a cut. Why do a dry? How to do a dry when you are a woman? What is the point of drying?

As many questions as you ask yourself.

Before I start, I find it important to differentiate between regular weight loss and a cut.

For weight loss , no worries you know the principle. It’s about losing the extra weight . Whether it is for his health or his well-being.

I talk about it in the free guide, through my story. On this side there, you have a lot of information on how to lose weight.

Now what is a dryer?

A dry is to get rid of excess fat. It’s a bit more complex than losing weight, because when you want to dry off you want to lose fat , BUT especially not muscle.

While in weight loss it is about losing weight, in a lean it is about removing the fat that covers the muscles.

To do a haircut, therefore, you must have muscles to reveal. What you are going to do by melting the fat that is hiding your muscles. When losing weight, the difference between fat and muscle is not really discussed, because the important thing is to find a slimmer figure.

Doing a haircut therefore supposes that you are already athletic and that you want to draw your physique.

Very simply:

  • When losing weight, you want to slim down.
  • During a cut, you want to draw yourself . To bring out the abdominals, for example.

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Go dry or lose weight: what to choose?

Sometimes it’s a bit tricky to understand the difference between cutting and losing weight.

To show you the difference, let’s take your example. And ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I overweight?
  • Am I already a regular athlete (3/4 sessions per week minimum)
  • Do I want to slim or shape my body?

If you find that you are overweight, want to slim your thighs, face, arms, and are just getting back to sports, then there is a good chance that the loss weight is the solution to adopt.

If, on the contrary, you are already a regular athlete, and want to lose more fat than weight, then you will certainly opt for a cut.

Of course, during a cut you will lose weight if it is successful. Because you will lose fat. And fat is pounds.

However, the primary goal of doing a blowout is to remove fat from your stomach, thighs, arms WITHOUT losing muscle.

And that’s why cutting is more complex than losing weight.

To lose weight, you need to rebalance your diet and above all know what makes you fat. Like, for example, the foods responsible for bulges, which I talk about in my download book.

Before wanting to perform a cut, normally you have already rebalanced your diet. So, in order to dry out, it is now a question of finely adapting your diet, to burn excess fat.

Of course, physical activity is also very important in weight loss, as well as in a cut.

But by far the hardest part is feeding.

This is what requires the most knowledge and adaptation. This is exactly why I ALWAYS recommend that you educate yourself on nutrition and the foods you put on your plate.

What is the point of doing a dry?

If you have followed this correctly, you can answer the question: “why do a hair cut when you are a woman”.

The point of drying is to reveal your muscles , to shape your body, and to get rid of excess fat.

As for weight loss, it is about getting thinner and thinner without really differentiating between muscle and fat.

What to eat when you go dry? What dry program when you are a woman? What is the advantage of doing a hair dryer? How to dry when you are a woman?

I will answer all your questions in a future article and also in video! If you have any questions, leave them in the comments of this article. I would complete the article by answering you.

If you want to know more about my weight loss, I invite you to read my free guide.

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