Squats and strength training for women

Today’s topic will please you… Many of you ask me for some exercises to do at home to tone you up. Especially on the legs and buttocks.

But before we show you how to do the squat, let’s talk a little bit about weight training. (We recommend to athletes anabolika legal kaufen) You know that in addition to Triathlon and Running I like to practice weight training.

I started at home first, then in the gym. When you’re a Woman and you say “I do Triathlon and bodybuilding” … well … people look big … they’re a little puzzled…

First of all, because the two disciplines did not combine originally. Because in Triathlon you have to be as light as a butterfly and in bodybuilding… well the goal is to be athletic, well-designed, with a curved body… a priori, lightness is not part of the vocabulary of this sport… (yes bodybuilding is a sport as I talk about in the new ebook of The Road to HIIT)

In short, I practice bodybuilding quite intensively by varying the efforts. And I love it! A question often comes up: what is your favorite exercise? Even though I don’t always understand this question … it amuses me a lot!

Mmmh… so… if I had to choose only one weight training exercise for the lower body… it would be… the squat! What a surprise isn’t it?

The squat is a complete strength training exercise. Especially for women who want to firm the lower body.

So … today we’re going to talk about bodybuilding squats when you’re a woman!

You will find what the squat is for, why the squat is a complete bodybuilding movement and at the bottom of this article, there is a video waiting for you where I dissect the squat exercise in detail, at home…

The kezako squat exercise? If you are female and new to weight training you may have heard of this term before.

If not: the squat is a multi-joint exercise, which uses several muscles at the same time . This is a basic exercise that will work a large part of the muscles of the legs as well as the glutes.

There are several ways to do the squat as I show you in the video below.

However, what is common to all variations of the weight training squat is toning multiple parts of your body at the same time. Which is pretty cool when you think about it.

Because with just one movement you will strengthen your abdominal muscles in depth, while strengthening your buttocks and thighs. However, to benefit from all the benefits of this weight training exercise, you need to perform the squat well.

If you want to lose thighs, remove cellulite from the buttocks, lose weight in the waist and be firmer … this exercise is really to put at the top of your list of sports exercises.

So … before we see how to do the squat exercise here are some mistakes to avoid that I have listed.

Squat exercise in weight training: mistakes to avoid

The squat is one of my favorite exercises, especially to get back to sport at home. This is the movement you make when you’re a baby to get up. It is one of the most natural exercises around.

However, there are a few small mistakes to avoid when doing the weight training squat. So I’ve listed some don’ts and how to fix them.

1 You have to put your body weight on your heels.

The first instinct when doing the weight training squat is to lean forward. So it will put the weight of the body on the front of the feet and distort all movement. You really should NOT put your body weight forward when doing the squat.

Quick tip: lift your toes when performing the squat.

2 Push the buttocks outwards (it’s glamorous in real life)

Well said like that, it looks like it’s not great as a bodybuilding movement … especially when you’re a woman … Mmmh let me put it another way …

You can do the squat as if you exaggerate the movement of sitting on a chair. In fact, at the beginning you can do the squat using a chair to “feel” this weight training exercise

3 Keep your back straight

In addition to leaning forward, you tend to hollow your back to compensate for a lack of strength in your legs … Suddenly, when you do the squat, your back must remain as straight as possible without being arched (be careful otherwise)

To illustrate this article on the weight training squat when you are a woman (these tips are valid for men) here is a small video of the 3 variants of the squat. If you are a woman and want to return to sports at home, this movement will help you a lot.

Especially on the buttocks, abs and thighs. This is why you will find it in 2 workouts of the new HIIT Route program, to get back to sport at home.