How to stop storing fat on the stomach?

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How to remove belly fat? How to have a flatter stomach, more drawn? How to dry when you are a woman?

You see, every day I receive questions from Women who want to transform their physique especially in the belly. I would even say more they want to know how to remove the little bead under the navel. And very often, the answer I give them surprises them.

Before that you have to know what will NOT give you a flat stomach.

Yet this is what may seem more logical about the bonus on board.

It sounds logical and then it is heard everywhere so we do it. I understand I made the same mistake when I weighed 72 kilos and had a round, fat stomach. Round bellies can be pretty you see, but on me … that’s not my favorite!

So before losing 15 kilos I wanted a flat stomach and above all toned, tense. And if possible, I wanted to have my abs drawn a bit. Just lightly, just the right amount.

Как убрать живот - Эффективные упражнения и советы правильного питания

So I started doing sit-ups. I started with 20 sit-ups a day then 50 then 100. I was just doing sit-ups every morning to have a flat stomach. Well, that’s what I thought at the time …

Because guess what? My stomach didn’t move. But then not one iota. Pouf it remained the same.

So I stopped doing sit-ups and moved on with my life.

And then one day, ( you know the story if you receive my private newsletters) I realized that I needed to lose weight, regain health and gain vitality. I had to become myself.

I was me, but I mean: I had to RE-become myself, reveal myself to myself even if you prefer.

Anyway I’ll make it short, you can subscribe if you want to know the full story.

And you want to know how I managed to lose my stomach? Especially how did I remove the bead under the navel?

Well I have learned what to eat to lose weight. Yes you read that right. I didn’t do abs, but then not a single one! I always do very little because it gets me pretty drunk.

I have learned to recognize the food category responsible for my bulges on my stomach

And I simply adapted my diet.

I’ll tell you all about it in this video, watch it to the end so you don’t miss anything and leave a thumbnail or comment, as you wish!

Here is episode 1 of my #CultiveTaForme web-series:

I hope you enjoy the video and especially teach you how to stop doing sit-ups and get a flat stomach.

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