7 habits to eat well all week

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How to eat well in a restaurant? How not to crack in front of your fridge at night? How to have fun while being in shape?

These questions I asked myself. And you, you certainly put them on a daily basis.

You can find his answers on video, on the YouTube channel as well as in my most complete book: What to eat to lose weight.

We mustn’t lie to each other, having a healthier, more balanced life makes everyone want it. It’s kind of the stuff everyone is talking about, but no one is saying exactly how to really eat better without hitting your fridge 3 days later.

I see a lot of girls on social networks and globally on the Internet who advocate a healthy lifestyle. The thing is, I don’t believe everyone can eat healthy all their lives. Mostly, we need a little treat or big pizzas from time to time. All the while knowing that it is not good for your health, but that it makes you so happy.

To eat well all week, it’s no secret you have to be very organized so as not to be a slave to your kitchen while adopting a healthier life.

As many of you send me your questions on this subject, I’ll give you 7 of my tips for eating well all week without cracking up.

On Sundays, I got into the habit of preparing all my dinners for the week. This way I save (a lot) of time and make sure I don’t eat anything on the way home from work.

Also for some time now, I prepare all my breakfasts. That way, in the morning I just have to warm it up.

I do this because right now I’m 100% on time so I tend to skip meals and then eat whatever when I’m really hungry. And you know this is ESPECIALLY the wrong thing to do.

So by preparing everything ahead of time, you know exactly what you’re going to eat without wanting to fall for anything.

In addition, you save time because you don’t cook during the week!

Too often I see people who don’t make time for breakfast. Whether it is for lack of time or desire. By getting into the habit of eating a good breakfast, you will promote weight loss by keeping blood sugar levels stable. In addition, you will limit small snacks throughout the day.

It really is a meal, which I advise you never to skip . Besides, you have no excuse with the recipes in the book;).

A vitamin deficiency can explain a too rapid weight gain or a feeling of permanent hunger. It may then be useful to take vitamins, especially in winter.

If you are tired, that you are always hungry, that you sleep badly, I strongly advise you to take a vitamin cure!

To find out more, you can take a look at the article: Cures and Vitamin Deficiencies: Which Vitamins for More Vitality?

At noon, many of us either have lunch in the canteen at their workplace or cannot take a lunchbox.

Maybe you are in that case . So at lunchtime you need to learn to make the right choices. Say goodbye to dishes in sauce, fried fish, pastries and fries.

By eating a healthy lunch, you will observe better vitality and a stable level of energy. Bye bye after-eaten!

So bet on green vegetables and preferably in season.

When you are tired have you noticed that you are more hungry? Have you noticed that you crave more sweetness?

Sleep tends to promote snacking. Because the body is tired, it needs to refuel, and it knows that sugar gets it quickly.

The sugar + lack of sleep problem? It’s a vicious cycle. The more tired you are, the more sugar you eat AND THEREFORE … the more tired you are!

Because yes, the quick sugar will tire you out. To understand the mechanism, I invite you to watch my video on sugar.

The more chocolate (or whatever) is put in front of you, the more likely you are to eat it.

Likewise, the longer you hang around your fridge, the more likely you are to open it and snack on it.

SO much not to have any temptation under the eyes. Exit, all unnatural foods and packets of cookies galore.

When you want to treat yourself (for your pleasure meal, for example, readers of what to eat to lose weight know what I’m talking about ?), therefore prefer single cookies, or order a pizza instead of ‘buy the pack of 3 from Picard.

By limiting daily temptations and indulging yourself regularly, you will naturally reduce cracks.

It is sometimes difficult to eat well when eating out with friends.

Thus, in restaurants, always favor sautéed vegetables. If not on the menu, ask the waiter if it is possible to prepare a nice plate for you. We will always answer you positively, because restaurants always have vegetables and a pan! Finally I hope so!

Quick tip: ask for them to be sautéed with salty soy sauce. It’s a delight. You will indulge yourself without ruining your health!

You can serve it with a good roast chicken, for example.

#BONUS: Eat chocolate every day

I noticed that by eating 2 squares of 90% dark chocolate every day, I had fewer “sweet” temptations throughout the day. Well actually my favorite is 99% chocolate but hey… not everyone likes this one. So start with the 90%, that’s already great!

Your health is the most precious thing, you know that.

It is always when we have health problems that we realize their importance . Don’t make this mistake and take charge of your diet, today .

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