How to succeed in your first half-marathon?

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What is remarkable is that each day we can choose the attitude we have during that day.

We cannot change our past. We cannot change the actions of others. We cannot change the inevitable.

The only thing we can change is our attitude to life and these events.

I am convinced that my life is 10% made up of what happens to me and 90% of my reaction to what happens to me. And the same goes for you.

We are responsible for our attitudes.

– Charles R Swindoll

In fact this article could have been called: why register for your first half marathon?

  • Before I answer that question, let me tell you a story. Make yourself comfortable, have some tea, make yourself at home.

On Monday, when I had slept very little, I got up in a good mood, although a little cranky (yes, when I lack sleep I crunch a tad before my breakfast). It was a magnificent sun over Paris. Do you know that winter sun? It’s a hot sun. It barely warms from the freezing cold. But it warms the heart and gives good humor.

I was preparing my breakfast by reviewing the discussion I had the night before with a reader that I coach in a private session. She is so motivated, she wants to transform so much that I kept telling myself: “she is going to get there, she really wants it”.

To tell you the truth, her determination pleasantly surprised me … This Woman goes above and beyond every day, every day, to prepare her meals, to play sports, to become a more active Woman.

You have to see her motivation… she’s just incredible!

And you know what? When you have someone in front of you who is motivated to the power of 1000, you see that their will will take them far, far, that their determination will transform them, I can tell you that it produces a magical reaction on you.

She gave me a boost. She reminded me that you get better by pushing your limits.

Suddenly, as I finished my breakfast, an idea started to take hold. I mentioned it in this article.

But to be honest … I was very hesitant because this challenge scares me. I don’t know if I can.

And then … immediately after I finished my breakfast, I grabbed my laptop, and typed paris half marathon in the search bar.

Then, I clicked on register, I chose my SAS (depending on my beginner’s level) and neither one nor two, I unsheathed my credit card.

Here I am registered for the Paris half-marathon! SAS pink please.

So, as I write this article, I’m asking myself this question:

Why register for your first half marathon?

  • Why do you want to exceed your limits? Why set goals?

I was so happy Monday that I was asked what I had. I replied that I was participating in the semi betting after having never run more than 12 km. People thought I was crazy.

Then I decided to create a web series to take you with me throughout my preparation for the Paris Half Marathon. The first episode is available on YouTube.

By setting new goals you will discover a new version of yourself. You are going to have the proof that you are capable of great things. You will find that you take on crazy challenges.

People often ask me why do you play sports? I always answer that beyond the physical and health aspect, sport helps to strengthen one’s willpower, sport gives rigor, sport helps to give the best of oneself in work and in the life of all days.

Like in triathlon, I’m going to have to train hard. I would even say that this challenge is much bigger than the triathlon because I am not used to running for more than an hour.

So how do you succeed in your first half-marathon?

  • To answer this question, I decided to take you with me for this preparation. So you will have one video per week on the blog channel (subscribe to encourage me) to show yourself:

– How to define your training rhythm according to your level

– How to adapt your diet to prepare for a half marathon

– How to choose the right running outfit (it doesn’t look like that but it’s super important and picky)

And of course, as you will be in VIP backstage for this preparation, I would also share the moments of doubt and especially the funniest moments, my running outings in Paris and even my playlist for running.

You can find this Objectif Semi de Paris video series as an episode on the blog’s YouTube channel very quickly.

In the meantime, you can reread this article on my first triathlon to help you in your preparation and also succeed in your crazy challenge.

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