6 gifts for athletic men who want to gain muscle

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What gift to give to his father who wants to gain muscle? What to offer her husband who wants to resume sport at Christmas?

To have gift ideas for athletic men who want to build muscle, lose fat and get back in shape for their 20s, here is a small selection for you.(We recommend to athletes steroide online) The idea is to have a lean, muscular body without overdoing it. So we start with a mix of knowledge about diet and bodybuilding and add the style to die for.

As long as we do, you might as well make the gentleman look stylish, right?

1 – Sweet Hooded Sleeveless BodyCross Man to take care of your style even at the gym

The great thing about the hoodie is that it’s stylish and super practical. On the one hand, it emphasizes the arms, while being very comfortable. I chose it black to limit the appearance of sweat spots. Black is much better than gray on this side ?

By offering this sweet you will necessarily motivate the lucky chosen one to develop a body of a Greek god.

Promotion of -20% with the code LAROUTEDELAFORME. Available on the Bodycross website

2 – The book on strength nutrition by Julien Venesson, learn what to eat to gain muscle

The book is very comprehensive on everything related to nutrition for strength sports. To gain muscle you clearly need to consolidate your knowledge of diet. The author also talks about dietary supplements and gives strength training plans for mostly men.

Rarely available in bookstores. Available to order here

3 – Arm Bodybuilding Dumbbells – Short Dumbbell with 6 Weight Discs ideal for building muscle without a gym

Having dumbbells at home is absolutely the best compromise for building muscle without a gym. With 15 kg discs, you have plenty of room for improvement without leaving home.

You have dumbbells all over the place. Or you can order them here

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4 – Super resistant Scitec Kaki sports bag perfect for storing sports gear in a sturdy and elegant bag

When you exercise, you know the usefulness of a sports bag. Scitec is a brand of food supplements and also offers sports accessories of impeccable quality. With this khaki sports bag offer style in addition to a practical and robust bag.

-15% discount with the code ROUTE15. On order on the supplements and proteins website

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5 – Running shoe Man Adidas running with good cushioning becomes efficient and stylish

These men’s running shoes are ideal for running and weight training. They offer great cushioning for outdoor running while combining the elegant style of black and white. They will also be perfect with jeans and a white shirt.

They are available in several colors here

6 – The Delavier method of bodybuilding for men who want to learn how to build muscle quickly and efficiently

The book to absolutely have in your library to build your first kilos of muscle mass or improve your training. Several programs are available depending on the muscle weak points or the muscles you want to develop.

It really isn’t available in all bookstores. Available to order here

This is the first time that I have selected gift ideas for men. Hope you liked the principle. Tell me in the comments what gift you will absolutely give!

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