Sleep disorder: how to sleep better?

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Before telling you how to sleep like a baby , I would like to point out that sleep is a pillar of the road to fitness.

I also want to tell you that there is already almost no room left for my free conference online on September 29, 2015, at 8:45 p.m. ( last places available via this link)

But that’s not the subject of my article.

The transition between holiday rhythm and return to school is always tiring.

Strangely, this is exactly when we suffer from the most insomnia. Or that we sleep really badly.

I imagine you ALREADY know the classic advice like:

  • Avoid all stimulants, coffee, tea, vitamin C, coca-cola ..
  • Avoid heavy meals at night and avoid alcohol at dinner.
  • Reserve the bedroom for sleep, avoiding watching TV in bed, working or eating in bed

There is another way to look at it.

A solution that is already working very well . This trick prevents you from turning into a living dead during the day due to fatigue.

Besides, you know me: it’s a very gentle, very natural solution

Расстройства сна - Profi-Detox

# 1 Step 1: Resume sport at home

Having a sporting activity will produce several beneficial effects for you, your morale and your body.
First you will move more THUS you will tone up and lose weight. By transforming your figure: you will feel better about your body. And there: your morale will rise to the top.
Even if it rains outside, it will be the sun in your body.

The first step is therefore to play sports to work out, do you good. You can resume sport without leaving your home. This will be the subject of my first free online conference.

# 2 Step 2: Sleep better with a beauty ritual

Having a beauty ritual helps you relax. While taking care of yourself.

What you can do is take a few minutes at night for yourself. After your shower, take 10 minutes to apply an oil or moisturizer that smells like summer. I am thinking in particular of the prodigious oil of Nuxe with its delicious fragrance

# 3 Step 3 : Relaxing combo Melisse + Valeriane

With this 100% natural blend of 2 IN-CON-TOUR-NABLES plants you will sleep like a baby.

Take a look …

… Lemon balm soothes and calms. It will affect the quality of your sleep. You know the famous phases of deep sleep. At the same time, it will treat anxiety and restlessness.

The other plant in this 100% rest combo is valerian .
Its role is to reduce fatigue AND drowsiness during the day. It acts on nervous stimuli to reduce stress and anxiety.

Suddenly, with this winning extract you have a natural recipe to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, minimize the risks of waking up at night and reduce the effects of stress.

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Isn’t life good?

You will see that with these 3 steps , you will say goodbye to pancake nights in your bed.

Now, the good big sleep!

Besides not being tired, sleeping well will allow you to get back in shape more easily. This is often a neglected aspect, yet too little sleep slows down your fitness.
Take care of yourself!

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