How to get back in shape: 5 tips for getting back into sport

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How to get back to sport after a more or less long break?


  • You want to take care of yourself.
  • You want to resume a sporting activity smoothly
  • You want to become more toned and firmer

Is that the case? Read on!

After a period of stopping exercise, imagine whether it is for vacation, after giving birth, or after a few years of letting go, you have to “get it right”.

The 5 tips that you will discover in the next few moments are the 5 IN-CON-TOUR-NABLES steps to get you back into sport with desire and determination.

1 – Sports challenges: A GOOD kick to the buttocks!

If you’re reading these lines, you know me. What I am about to tell you, you must prepare to hear it. Give yourself a gentle kick in the butt. The sports recovery always “stings” a little. This is normal, your body needs to come out of the lazy mode. And he doesn’t like it.

Wake up and set yourself challenges to get yourself back to moving regularly. If you don’t have any next sporting challenges yet, read this article: 5 new sporting challenges

2 – Lose weight? To build up muscle ? Have fun?

What is your goal? Why do you want to resume sport? Your answer is important. She will guide you in your choice of sporting activity.

Whatever your goal, have fun! The pleasure will take you much further than you imagine …

3 – The plan of attack: sports planning

And action! A movie has never seen the light of day without a script. Yes it seems obvious to you! So why do you hope to get back into sport without having a sports schedule?

You need a plan of attack to get back to sport. Don’t neglect your training schedule. To prepare well is to prepare yourself for success.

I often give out my training plans to newsletter members. Receive them directly on your email:

4 – NOTHING can beat consistency

The biggest mistake made in a replay is irregularity. Hop we train for 2 hours here and there. And then over the days with the return to school, the daily tasks we forget and then we stop sport.

Yet you KNOW that it makes you feel good.

You don’t want to make this mistake? It’s very simple: train at home in no more than 30 minutes. No travel or time constraint. You’re going to find 30 minutes to do yourself some good, right?

5 – Christmas list BEFORE Christmas

This new tip for getting back to sport with a smile will please you. There, now immediately, take a pen and a sheet. Or write it down on your phone.

Write down 5 goals that you really want to achieve. Example:

  • Resume sport seriously 30 minutes a day 3 times a week
  • Have firmer thighs
  • Losing waistline
  • Learn about pole dancing
  • Take part in your first triathlon

Each challenge should be for you. They must make you want to surpass yourself. Now let’s add some extra motivation.

In front of each challenge set a date AND a reward. Example:

Here, I gave you my personal example.

Create your own.

You are exceptional: you are capable of it. You will resume sport tomorrow and for a long time to come. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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