Cure and Vitamin deficiencies: which vitamins for more vitality?

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Vitamins are essential to be in good shape. The thing is, we rarely talk about it.

Yet they are the cause of a lot of deficiency and can explain a lot of little depression or unexplained weight gain.

To talk to you about vitamins, I asked infographic-pro to produce an infographic that includes all the information from this article. It is available at the bottom of this article.

You can do like me and print it out for display at home.

In this infographic, you learn which vitamins you need to refuel and be in good shape.

6 vitamins are in the spotlight, they are the most important: A, B, C, D, E and K.

For certain vitamins, I will also tell you which supplements to use to have the energy of a 20 year old girl.

Let’s start with Vitamin A.

It is present in the foods we eat every day.

Vitamin A is found in most of our modern diet: meat, fish, eggs, cheese, carrots, green vegetables, sweet potato…

It is rather rare to have a vitamin A deficiency and fortunately, because this vitamin is essential for the growth of bones and is involved in the mechanism of sight. Vitamin A deficiencies are rare, but rather severe because vitamin A deficiency can lead to life-threatening loss of sight.

Vitamin B to fight against stress and fatigue

In winter, I don’t know about you, but I tend to hit bars more easily, or hits less well. Suddenly, this is where vitamin B comes into play. Finally, I should rather say THE B vitamins because they are actually 8 in number. But to make it simple, we are going to talk about vitamin B.

It will help you fight against winter fatigue. Vitamin B is so important for the functioning of your body and your metabolism that a simple deficiency can lead to great fatigue and a great lack of motivation.

So if you feel that your motivation has gone bad right now. Maybe take a look at vitamin B.

So where to find her? Overall, unprocessed foods like:

  • Meat
  • Oily fish such as sardines, salmon, mackerel
  • Egg yolk
  • The lawyer
  • Yoghurts and cheese

Hence the importance of not cutting lipids (= good fats) from your diet when you want to lose weight.

You can also take the vitamin to increase your level of vitality and prevent winter fatigue.

Always choose an effective vitamin B complex, like the one available here.

You will thus boost your metabolism, maintain your muscles in good health and improve the appearance of your skin

Vitamin C to stimulate the immune system

Vitamin C is the best ally for your shape! It is mainly found in fresh vegetables, particularly in citrus fruits, and green vegetables. The average daily allowance is around 100 mg.

It will help you fight against fatigue but also the common cold because it will stimulate the immune system. Vitamin C is found in particular in:

  • kiwis
  • grapefruit
  • lemon

Hence the importance of eating natural and fresh foods as I often tell you on the blog and on Facebook.

You can also do powdered vitamin C cures during winter periods.

No good mood without vitamin D

Vitamin D is scarce in our food. It is mainly provided by the sun which explains the high risk of deficiency.

A vitamin deficiency will promote depression … as much to tell you that it is necessary to fill up with vitamin D (and sun).

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant

And it is also a very useful vitamin for athletes because it will reduce inflammatory conditions. You’ll find it in good fats like oils, avocado, and oilseeds.

Vitamin E supplements are strongly recommended for smokers, people who suffer from chronic inflammation, and athletes who have a rather intensive activity.

Anyway, I recommend it to sportswomen!

For vitamin K, I’ll leave you with the infographic produced by infographie-pro!

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