7 running gift ideas for women – winter

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Running in the winter. You have to be a little crazy and quite passionate about running to go out and put your nose outside in the winter temperatures.

You can choose the option “I sculpt my Gazelle body warm at home” (on the blog it’s more like that with the HIIT program). You can also choose the option “I register for my first Paris half marathon” which will inevitably take you to a running preparation in winter.

So, I have selected for you, 7 gift ideas to give to all women who run. You can also offer them to yourself to improve your running practice.

1 – Skins compression sleeve guarantees optimal compression for better running comfort

The compression system provides superior oxygen delivery to the often painful calf muscles when running. Compression also helps reduce the risk of injury.

With this you will also help your body to regulate its temperature and to cope with winter temperatures.

Free shipping for 50th purchase. Available on the Skins website

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2 – Garmin Forerunner running watch follow your performance with this women’s running watch

The Garmin Forerunner 10 is a running watch with built-in GPS and heart rate sensor. It accompanies you during all your races to improve your performance and allow you to give the best of yourself. Ideal for preparing for an official race such as a half marathon.

Currently on sale, earn 30 euros by ordering it on Amazon

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3 – Running better book by Jean François Harvey improve your performance while increasing the pleasure of running

You absolutely must have this book in your library to run faster, longer and without injury. Jean François Harvey explains exactly how to improve your stride, your posture and your running times!

It is not available in all bookstores, it is easier to order it here

4 – Special winter running jacket from Skins will run warm even in winter while being the most stylish

An ideal jacket to stay warm during winter running trips. The fitted cut is very feminine. We can say that you have found the running jacket that will give you a lot of style while keeping you warm. Little more it protects you at night thanks to the reflective strips.

Free shipping for 50th purchase. Available on the Skins website

5 – Tea and luxury TeaTox bottle to warm up after a run, gain strength and flush out toxins

This pack is an ally for runners who want to take care of her. The Power Detox Tea brings together organic teas made from guarana, rooibos and green tea. The glass bottle (not plastic: important for your health!) Has a stainless steel filter and a bamboo lid. With this you will highly promote the natural process of elimination.

The Power Detox tea and its bamboo bottle are available on the TeaTox website

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6 – Chin Mudra Non Toxic Yoga Mat relax muscles and release tension after running

Yoga is really complementary to running. Thanks to Yoga’s stretching and sheathing work, you will release tension, relieve your muscles and prevent joint injuries. The mat is soft: ideal for your post-running stretching.

Chin Mudra rugs are less than 20 euros and only available to order here

7 – Nike women’s running shoe for a pleasant cushioning with the unique style of the brand that makes you succumb

A stylish model that you want to be offered immediately to run in style. The cushioning is important and the sole is flexible. This is a running shoe that is great for starting short and long distances. I would use a similar running shoe for my first half marathon.

The color is not available everywhere. Available to order with a promo here

I hope you enjoyed these sports gift ideas. Tell me in the comments what gift you absolutely want!

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